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Create Word 2010 documents without MS Word and without any XML knowledge.

The project is a wrapper for the Microsoft WordProcessingML API. It allows Word documents to be created without the need of MS Word. The wrapper is written in C# and is targeted at Net Framework 4.0.

It is dependent on the Microsoft Open XML SDK (available on the Downloads page) but makes it very user friendly. For example a paragraph can be created from a string and a whole document can be created in 1 statement. See the Examples in the Source Code tab.

It supports the following:
  • Paragraphs
  • Styles
  • Images
  • Tables
    • Tables within Tables
  • Numbered List
  • Bulleted List
  • Headers and Footers
  • Sections
    • Headers and Footer with Sections
  • Right to Left languages

Create the classic Hello World document with 2 statements, compared to MS WordProcessingML

using Tatibah;
public class HelloWorld
    public static void Main(params string[] args)
         Document doc = new Document(@"C:\tatibah\HelloWorld.docx",
               new Paragraph("Hello World!"));
         doc.Close(); // Autosave on by default

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